Biographical Highlights

Beth McDonald has a Master's in Creative Writing (Poetry) and has had over two dozen poems published in small, college journals. She also has a PhD in Nineteenth-Century British Literature with a concentration in Gothic Literature. Both her MA and her PhD were obtained from University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, where she taught composition and literature courses and edited the campus literary journal Windmill. While living and studying in Oklahoma, she also created and/or edited several small poetry and fiction journals for various cultural and campus organizations.

In the past, she has delivered papers on Anne Rice's vampire Lestat at both regional and national Popular Culture Association conferences. In 1992 her article "The Vampire as Trickster Figure in Bram Stoker's Dracula" was published in Kent State University's journal Extrapolation.

She and her husband (retired military) moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2001. At the present time she works as a Part-time Instructor in the English Department at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. In addition to teaching composition and literature courses at UNLV, she also freelances as a copy editor for a web designer and works on her own creative projects.

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