The following are a list of courses taught by Beth McDonald::

FALL 2001-PRESENT. (Part-time Lecturer)

University of Nevada Las Vegas, English Department, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Traditional English Composition II. Syllabus consisted of various types of argument essays, including: extended definition, cause and effect, evaluation, and moral and ethical arguments.

Intermediate Composition. Syllabus consisted of lessons in grammar and sentence structure combined with short writing assignments both creative and argument based.

World Literature I. Syllabus consisted of readings in various texts (from the known beginnings of literature to 1650), class discussions and written responses to those texts, midterm and final essay exams, and a final paper.

FALL 1989-SPRING 2001. (Six years as GTA and six years as Adjunct.)

University of Oklahoma, English Department, Norman, Oklahoma

Traditional English Composition I and II; Computer-Aided English Composition I and II. Syllabi consisted of various types of essays, including: extended definition, reporting information, several types of argument, literary analysis, creative writing (short story), personal experience, literacy autobiography, summary, critique, and essay exam.

Introduction to Literature. Class consisted of analysis of poetry, drama, and fiction from various periods of British and American Literature.

1993-94, 3 semesters. Instructor.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)Preparation Course, Verbal Ability section, using the Fairfax Lectern series materials.

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